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Pc Miler 26 Torrent Hit

a mock community sample was prepared from dna extracts of five strains of four bacterial species for sequencing comparison, and a set of ion torrent adapters (table s7 and table s8) was designed accordingly. these were sequenced on the ion torrent pgm.

Pc Miler 26 Torrent hit


different samples were then processed on different platforms, dna was extracted, adapters were ligated, and bar codes were sequenced on different platforms, including the ion torrent pgm and the ion torrent proton. initial read identification, quality assessment, and error rate calculations were done with seqtrace [ 5 ] (for pgm) and torrent suite v3.1.1 (for proton). for the bacterial sample, we applied micra for all treatment types. for the mock community sample, micra was run only twice: one time with the treatment based on the pgm protocol, and once with the treatment based on the ion torrent protocol. in addition, two artificial samples were processed with micra using the ion torrent protocol. the treatment and sequencing methods are summarized in table s9. in the protocol, we included a detailed description of the pre- and post-processing steps.

interestingly, in the case of the is1 transposase, the product of this transposase has previously been associated with susceptibility to colistin, a known mcr-1 variant [ 24 ]. in our case, the snv was found in a transposase (locus: ecdh10b_1059), among other is1 transposases, at very high frequency (90.14%) and with a depth of 96 reads. this suggests that this transposase or the neighboring is1 transposase might be associated with the is1 transposase variant causing the transfer of mcr-1 across different species [27] and putative mcr-1 plasmid [28].


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