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Obscure 2 Compressed 370 MB: The Best Way to Play the Horror Sequel on PC

Even if we don't consider the "Size on disk" there's still something going on with your system if the full "Size" is 402 GB. As I say, I have multiple mods installed and my total size is 353 GB.In addition to the disk space stuff, this might help you to compare: 140,491 files, 12,181 foldersIf you have more than those numbers then you definitely have something installed under ARK that's eating up your drive.And regarding compression (Size on disk) - is your install on a hard drive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD)? If it's an SSD you should consider checking the box for the drive properties that says, "Compress this drive to save disk space". SSD's are fast enough that (in my opinion) it's worth the slightly longer loading times to have stuff on my games drive auto compressed. This will cause games to take slightly longer when they're loading up, but I've never had any problems with performance issues while actually playing the games, once the game starts the compression does not interfere with game play.My games drive is 2TB and I enabled compression for the entire drive. Or, if you don't have a separate games drive, you can enable compression for any specific folders you want (like you could enable compression for everything under your "Steam" directory).

Obscure 2 PcGame Compressed 370 MB


You may consider these as unofficial patches for Prophesy of Pendor v3.9.5.1 compiled together for an easy copy-paste application, for those who find tweaking troublesome or are just lazy to bother with applying tweaks themselves. Made from the tweaks below, with probably some extra fine-tuning as the author saw fit. In order to install one (they are mutually exclusive!), just download the respective compressed package, extract its content to your PoP module, and overwrite everything when prompted.


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