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Download Vagex 17

Vagex does not allow accumular credits only by displaying videos, but offers many other opportunities to earn extra money.Let's look at each of these solutions in detail:PLAY TO VACANCERVagex offers its users a credit bonus for all those who, by playing at Vagicopter, are able to get a score that will allow them to enter the top 100 daily charts.POST YOUR REFERRAL LINK TO YOUR FACEBOOKVagex offers 500 credits to all users who post their referral link in the bulletin board (the bulletin board must be public and not private).PUT YOUR REFERRAL LINK ON TWITTERVagex offers 500 credits to all users who post their referral links on their twitter account.+1 ABOUT VAGEX IN GOOGLE +Get 500 extra credits if you click the +1 button on one of the Vagex posts (this can only be done once!).COMPLETE AN OFFER ON TRIALPAYBy completing an offer on the TrialPay website, Vagex will offer you 10,000 credits (you will need to copy and submit the bid code that comes to you by email upon completing it).CREATE A VIDEO ON YOUTUBE PUBLISHING VAGEXVagex offers 5,000 credits to all users who create and publish in their channel a promotional video on Vagex . The video must be original (not copied or duplicated by other videos already present) and you must enter your referral link inside (this can be done once a month!).REFERENCE SYSTEMThe ultimate opportunity to gain extra gain is to get a large number of referrals (ie those who sign up for an invitation). For each person subscribing to you, you can accumulate a 10% of their earnings (for example, 0.1 credit for each video you see).These are in short all the opportunities that Vagex offers to its members.Based on these considerations you will also understand how difficult it is to reach the payout threshold of $ 10.00 (payable via PayPal) and that is why we have assigned 4 star rating to Vagex .GetMyRefs' opinion is a good opportunity especially if you are used to listening to much music with YouTube like me.Do not let this opportunity escape!P.S.To start watching videos, you must download a program called VAGEX VIEWER that lets you rotate videos automatically without losing them time to get them singled out one at a time.

download vagex 17

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