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TEMS Discovery 15

TEMS Discovery 15: A Powerful Tool for Network Testing Analytics and Optimization

Network testing is a crucial process for mobile operators to ensure the quality and performance of their networks. However, network testing data can be overwhelming and complex to analyze, especially with the advent of 5G and its new challenges. How can operators efficiently post-process and visualize large network testing data sets, identify and troubleshoot network issues, and optimize their networks based on subscriber experience? One solution is TEMS Discovery 15, the latest version of the wireless industrys most comprehensive network analytics and optimization platform based on mobile network testing data.

TEMS Discovery 15 provides operators with unparalleled insights into network performance as perceived by their subscribers at the device, application and network level. It supports the complete TEMS Suite, as well as logfiles from other network testing vendors, so operators can benefit from its advanced analytics whatever their data collection method. Some of the key features and benefits of TEMS Discovery 15 are:

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  • Analyze and troubleshoot your 5G network: TEMS Discovery 15 supports 5G NR analysis, providing operators with in-depth UE/scanner cell measurements and NR cell configuration analysis to efficiently address any 5G NR issues.

  • Efficiently manage large network test data sets: TEMS Discovery 15 automates data processing functions, from file import to script execution, categorization of problem sets and the generation and sharing of reports. It also allows operators to easily drill down into the network test data at the device, application or network level to troubleshoot the most difficult problems.

  • Quickly identify and solve network issues: TEMS Discovery 15 leverages analytics dashboards, reports and RF diagnostics tools to uncover issues affecting subscribers faster. It also enables operators to analyze subscriber experience at multiple levels, from device performance to application quality to network coverage.

  • Report across the organization: TEMS Discovery 15 allows operators to easily create, share and customize reports for multiple audiences from C-level to engineering. It also automates report generation and distribution, saving time and resources.

TEMS Discovery 15 is a powerful tool for network testing analytics and optimization that can help operators improve their network quality and performance based on subscriber experience. It is compatible with TEMS Discovery Device, a highly configurable and user-friendly device that allows engineers to easily assess wireless performance and quickly pinpoint network problems. Operators can also benefit from Infovista's network testing training program that covers the features and usage of TEMS Discovery Device.

To learn more about TEMS Discovery 15 and how it can help you optimize your network based on large network testing data sets, visit [Infovista's website].


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  • TEMS Discovery Device - Network Testing Device - Infovista


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