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Bully Scholarship Edition(No [UPDATED] Crack Required) Latest Version

Another great game from Rockstar, this latest game is far better than the first edition. The closest thing to a serious game in the series. Rockstar a few years ago thought it would be fun to look at college life through GTA III's eyes. The player, as a red-headed freshman, moves along a set path through the residence hall of fictional Bullworth Academy. Once you have your suit picked out, a suit fitting is required, you can meet a few people, take a few classes and do a bit of partying until the end of the year. Sounds like any typical American college experience, lets hope that the game covers all bases.

Bully Scholarship Edition(No Crack Required) Latest Version

I'm not sure I even need to go into this much detail but, in summary, its one of those games that once you get your head round it and start playing, it just hooks you in and you cant stop. Sometimes it takes a bit of beating before its fun, but once you do get into it, its very addictive and you will lose hours to it. It is a very good game and one of the best ones on the Wii. The hilarious slasher violence interspersed throughout the main game is interspersed with some of the best graphic violence you'll ever see on console. The main game is also great fun, with brilliantly developed controls and really great character interaction. So, if you're looking for the perfect game, look no further and buy Bully: Scholarship Edition on Wii.

The release date for Bully Scholarship Edition was September the 15th 2009, though due to a code issue, Rockstar had to delay the release of the game. They announced via their official twitter that the game will be available on a new release date; the 21st of October.


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