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Download Orange Pi OS: A Fast, Beautiful and Simple Desktop Operating System for Orange Pi Series

How to Download and Install Orange Pi OS

Orange Pi is an open source product brand of Shenzhen Xunlong Software Co., Ltd, which focuses on providing cost-effective open source hardware, open source software and OEM/ODM services for individuals and enterprises worldwide.

What is Orange Pi?

Orange Pi is a series of compact, cost-effective single-board computers (SBCs) that can run Android, Windows, Linux, and other operating systems. They are designed to offer an accessible platform for computer science education, DIY electronics, and various other applications in the world of computing and electronics.

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Orange Pi vs Raspberry Pi

Orange Pi is often compared to Raspberry Pi, the most popular SBC in the market. While both share some similarities, such as having essential components like a CPU, GPU, RAM, USB ports, HDMI, and GPIO pins integrated into a single circuit board, they also have some differences. For example, Orange Pi boards tend to have faster processors, more memory options, more network interfaces, and lower prices than Raspberry Pi boards . However, Raspberry Pi boards have more stable software support, larger community resources, and wider compatibility with peripherals than Orange Pi boards . Therefore, choosing between them depends on your project requirements and preferences.

Orange Pi Features and Benefits

Some of the features and benefits of using Orange Pi are:

  • It supports multiple operating systems, such as Android, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, etc .

  • It has a range of models with varying specifications and features, catering to different project needs.

  • It has a high-performance neural-networking co-processor (NPU) for AI acceleration on some models .

  • It has a PCI Express lane for external hardware expansion on some models.

  • It has a low power consumption and a compact design.

  • It offers one-stop customized service based on open source products for hardware customization, software customization, and OEM/ODM service.

How to Choose the Right Orange Pi OS for Your Project

Orange Pi OS is the officially supported open source operating system for Orange Pi. It provides the Orange Pi OS desktop for Orange Pi series development boards, keyboard PCs and other PCs. It can run Android, Windows and Linux applications and is an easy-to-use, easy-to-extend desktop operating system that is fast, secure and stable, with a beautiful interface and simple operation. There are three main versions of Orange Pi OS: Droid, Arch, and OH. Each version has its own features and advantages. Here is a brief introduction of each version:

Orange Pi OS Droid

Orange Pi OS Droid is an Android-based operating system with an integrated desktop experience, offering users multi-window, taskbar and more. It supports most Android applications and games, and can also run Windows and Linux applications through virtual machines or emulators. It is suitable for users who want to enjoy the rich Android ecosystem and the convenience of the desktop environment .

Orange Pi OS Arch

Orange Pi OS Arch is a Linux-based operating system with a minimalist design and a rolling release model. It is based on Arch Linux, a lightweight and flexible distribution that aims to keep it simple. It only provides the basic components and tools for users to build their own system according to their needs. It is suitable for users who want to have full control and customization over their system and who are willing to learn and experiment with Linux .

Orange Pi OS OH

Orange Pi OS OH is a Linux-based operating system with a user-friendly design and a stable release model. It is based on Ubuntu, a popular and reliable distribution that aims to provide an easy-to-use and secure system. It offers a variety of pre-installed applications and software packages for users to enjoy, such as LibreOffice, Firefox, VLC, GIMP, etc. It also supports the Snap package manager, which allows users to install and update applications easily and safely. It is suitable for users who want to have a smooth and hassle-free system and who are looking for a familiar and comfortable Linux experience .

How to Download and Flash Orange Pi OS to a MicroSD Card

Once you have chosen the right Orange Pi OS version for your project, you need to download the image file from the official website and flash it to a microSD card. Here are the steps to do so:

Download the Image File from the Official Website

Go to the Orange Pi OS download page and select the version you want to download. You will see a list of supported Orange Pi models for each version. Choose the model that matches your board and click on the download link. You will be redirected to a Google Drive page where you can download the image file. The image file is compressed in a ZIP or RAR format, so you need to extract it before flashing it.

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Use Etcher or Win32DiskImager to Flash the Image File

To flash the image file to a microSD card, you need a software tool that can write the image file to the card. There are many tools available for this purpose, but we recommend using Etcher or Win32DiskImager, which are both free and easy to use . Etcher works on Windows, Mac, and Linux, while Win32DiskImager works only on Windows.

To use Etcher, follow these steps:

  • Download Etcher from its official website and install it on your computer.

  • Insert a microSD card into your computer using a card reader. Make sure the card has enough space for the image file.

  • Open Etcher and click on "Select image". Browse to the location where you extracted the image file and select it.

  • Click on "Select target" and choose your microSD card from the list of available drives.

  • Click on "Flash!" and wait for the process to complete. Etcher will verify the image after flashing it.

  • Eject your microSD card safely from your computer.

To use Win32DiskImager, follow these steps:

  • Download Win32DiskImager from its official website and install it on your computer.

  • Insert a microSD card into your computer using a card reader. Make sure the card has enough space for the image file.

  • Open Win32DiskImager and click on the folder icon next to "Image File". Browse to the location where you extracted the image file and select it.

  • Select your microSD card from the drop-down menu next to "Device".

  • Click on "Write" and wait for the process to complete.

  • Eject your microSD card safely from your computer.

Insert the MicroSD Card into the Orange Pi Board and Power It On

Now that you have flashed the image file to your microSD card, you can insert it into your Orange Pi board and power it on. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Insert the microSD card into the slot on your Orange Pi board.

  • Connect a power supply (5V/2A) to your Orange Pi board using a micro USB cable or a DC jack.

  • Connect a monitor to your Orange Pi board using an HDMI cable or a VGA adapter.

  • Connect a keyboard and a mouse to your Orange Pi board using USB ports or Bluetooth.

  • Turn on your power supply and wait for your Orange Pi board to boot up. You should see the Orange Pi logo and the OS loading screen on your monitor.

How to Configure and Use Orange Pi OS

After your Orange Pi board has booted up, you can configure and use Orange Pi OS according to your needs. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started:

Connect to a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Other Settings

To connect to a Wi-Fi network, click on the network icon on the taskbar and select your network from the list. Enter your password if required and click on "Connect". To connect to a Bluetooth device, click on the Bluetooth icon on the taskbar and turn on Bluetooth. Then, scan for nearby devices and pair with the


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