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[S2E2] Cars Chicks

Chick Hicks' number one fan is himself. He thinks he is talented, handsome, hilarious, and he is proud of his mustache (grille). However, apart from his team and pit crew, nobody else agrees. Ruthless Chick gets his kicks out of watching other cars lose. Even his sponsor, the Hostile Takeover Bank, isn't very nice, but it suits Chick as he often overtakes his opponents with hostile driving.

[S2E2] Cars Chicks

For Chick Hicks, the end justifies the means. This race car resorts to dirty tricks in order to win the Piston Cup, slamming, nudging, and knocking his opponents out of the way as if they were bumper cars. Both Lightning McQueen and The King take tumbles thanks to Hicks.

Dana needs to buy a new car and Cheryl offers to go with her, but Jim says chicks are no good buying cars by themselves, because they'll get distracted with other less important things like mirrors or cup holders. Offended, Cheryl is determined to prove Jim wrong and actually gets Dana a car for a fair deal, but the car soon breaks down.

Chick Hicks is an extremely skilled Piston Cup Racer, constantly placing in the top five (although apart from Lightning, he also usually loses to one of Lee Jr, Hollister, Guenther, or Aikens). In Race-O-Rama, his modified form tended to have the worst boosting in the game on his poor side. Chick also has various special moves (called "cheating" by Lightning), and runs an academy where he teaches these to other cars.

7. To include content from the Disney Infinity games (i.e. Cars Playset Explore Hub, Races from Cars Playset, Races from Toy Box Speedway, Toy Box Speedway hub (possible), some building materials, Non playable characters (The King, Pace Car, Townscars), weapons, etc.)

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