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Cool And Funny Street Arts (New)

DO Explore Mercato Mall, where a modern high street combines with some really cool eateries. If visiting in the summer, be sure to ride the enormous free slide that replaces one of the escalators.

Cool and Funny Street Arts (New)

I love Nashville, I was there for the first time a few months ago when we found ourselves unexpectedly driving from florida to Chicago. I also love street art and wish we had more time, as you have found so many wonderful street arts in the city.

Reno is becoming pretty cool. They are transforming themselves from a downtown district primarily dependent upon gaming culture into an edgy, artsy town. These fun things to do in Reno will help you explore offbeat options outside of the casinos.

For nearly a month, avant-garde performance meets street theater during the annual Fringe Festival. Each year, the festival brings performances ranging from circus arts to comedy to traditional and unexpected venues throughout the city.

Among Santa Fe's many attractions are its picturesque streets and lanes, low adobe houses, beautiful Spanish colonial churches, as well as the profusion of Native American arts and crafts and contemporary art.

Today, the busy streets surrounding the Plaza are a lively place to visit, filled with numerous shops, galleries, restaurants, and cafés, as well as vendor tents during the city's frequent events. Tourists will find that it is the best place in the city to find Native American arts and crafts, especially jewelry.

If you are looking for online team-building games for remote employees or in-house office games, then you will love the funny street sign challenge. This game makes one of the best virtual treasure hunt ideas for adults. To prepare for this activity, ask the team to identify unintentionally funny street signs. Players can either stroll the streets, or take pictures of the street on their commute and report their findings the next day.


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