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My Maps Location Joomla Nulled Scripts |BEST|

You can't use iframe tag in HTML, here's what you can do:* just go into google maps point out your location* click on "Share"* go to "Embed a map"* copy the HTML code* paste it in your HTML page* adjust height and width according to your requirement* run it

My Maps Location Joomla Nulled Scripts

Add Location report stats: location hits per monthAdd Report stats: location top 10 nearest search requestAdd Additional sql query framework to support custom sql and urlFix Change csv format in extra field to support mailto and url fieldFix Fix umalet search not working in location fieldsFix Delete unpublish and thrash not working in joomla 3.9.1 Fix Enable country filter on backend field using Google Maps

Add Update the distance range sliderFix Created one helper function and integrate all maps from helper.phpFix Street view and search bar in locations viewFix Language translation to remove the distance display

Fix A language ascociation searching (Thanx to Xavier)Fix Caching related searching issueFix JGLOBAL_SELECT_AN_OPTION in joomla 2.5 is replaced by locationsFix Children category issue: if user search for a parent category he can see the result of child category as wellFix Change place holder language text

Fix Contact button display in bootstrapFix Modal button for Yootheme templateFix Layout div issue on joomla 2.5.14Add Hour and phone fielsFix CSS layout of the detailled location viewAdd Toggle view functionality which can generate panorama for end user

Enter the form location: Enter the URL of the third-party page where the form capture wizard will check if there is a valid tracking script inserted. Your webpage will open in a new tab where the wizard will continuously check for tracking scripts. This enables the wizard to detect dynamically injected scripts. Leave this tab open until you're finished capturing your form.


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