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KEPLER 7.0 Astrology Software

to facilitate the application of the new astrological software and to provide the broader public with the best possible astrological service, this version has been updated to include new features. a new and improved version of win*star express 3 has been added that allows you to have a wider range of tools and features. this new version has also been designed to provide the user with many new features, including the capability to calculate the financial astrology for individuals and couples. this software has been improved to be more user-friendly and includes many new features such as a broader range of predictions and analysis tools.

KEPLER 7.0 Astrology Software

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kaplan astrology, a landmark in astrological software, is one of the most popular astrological software programs available. kaplan astro can be used to analyze natal, transit, and life charts and to do meaningful calculations. with kaplan astro you can create reports and charts, manage client files and consultation notes, do calculations, and even find a soul mate.

aka the astro-kit. includes the astrological analysis software plus a set of powerful astrology programs. astro-kit is built on an easy to use interface that is simple to learn yet offers powerful features that will help you analyze and interpret your astrological chart. astro-kit also includes an astrological data base of over 8500 objects from which you can retrieve your own personal data that you can use in the analysis of your charts.

the public can test the kepler programs, and can provide feedback on the product. autodesk is particularly interested in what end users, particularly astrologers, have to say about kepler. autodesk will incorporate the comments received in a future release of the product.


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