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How to Use OrCAD 16.2 Full Version on Windows 10 and 11

OrCAD is a popular and powerful software suite for schematic design, PCB layout, and circuit simulation. However, many users have encountered problems running OrCAD 16.2 full version on Windows 10 and 11, such as high CPU usage, slow performance, and compatibility issues. In this article, we will show you how to fix these problems and enjoy OrCAD 16.2 full version on your Windows 10 and 11 devices.

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Step 1: Rename cdsMsgServer.exe and cdsNameServer.exe files

The first step is to rename two files in the OrCAD installation folder that are causing the high CPU usage problem. These files are cdsMsgServer.exe and cdsNameServer.exe, which are located in C:\Program Files (x86)\OrCAD_16.0\tools\bin. To rename them, you need to have administrator privileges on your device. Follow these steps:

  • Open File Explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\OrCAD_16.0\tools\bin.

  • Right-click on cdsMsgServer.exe and select Rename.

  • Type cdsMsgServer.exe.old and press Enter.

  • Right-click on cdsNameServer.exe and select Rename.

  • Type cdsNameServer.exe.old and press Enter.

This will prevent these files from running when you launch OrCAD 16.2 full version, and thus reduce the CPU usage to normal levels.

Step 2: Run OrCAD 16.2 full version as administrator

The second step is to run OrCAD 16.2 full version as administrator, which will help with the compatibility and performance issues on Windows 10 and 11. To do this, you need to modify the properties of the OrCAD shortcuts on your desktop or start menu. Follow these steps:

  • Right-click on the OrCAD Capture shortcut and select Properties.

  • Click on the Compatibility tab.

  • Check the box that says Run this program as an administrator.

  • Click Apply and OK.

  • Repeat the same steps for the OrCAD Layout shortcut.

This will allow OrCAD 16.2 full version to run with elevated privileges and access all the necessary resources on your device.


By following these two simple steps, you should be able to use OrCAD 16.2 full version on Windows 10 and 11 without any problems. OrCAD is a great tool for designing and simulating electronic circuits, and you can enjoy its full features and capabilities on your modern devices. If you want to learn more about OrCAD, you can visit their official website[^1^] or check out some online tutorials[^2^]. Happy designing!

What is OrCAD 16.2 full version?

OrCAD 16.2 full version is a software suite that includes three main components: OrCAD Capture, OrCAD Layout, and PSpice Designer. OrCAD Capture is a schematic design tool that allows you to create and document electrical circuits. OrCAD Layout is a PCB layout tool that allows you to design and edit printed circuit boards. PSpice Designer is a circuit simulation tool that allows you to analyze and verify your circuits. OrCAD 16.2 full version also comes with other utilities and features that enhance your productivity and efficiency, such as OrCAD Engineering Data Management, OrCAD Library Builder, OrCAD Component Information Portal, and OrCAD PCB Productivity Toolbox.

Why use OrCAD 16.2 full version?

OrCAD 16.2 full version is a powerful and comprehensive solution for electronic design automation (EDA). It offers many benefits and advantages for engineers, designers, and hobbyists who want to create and test electronic circuits and systems. Some of the reasons to use OrCAD 16.2 full version are:

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OrCAD schematic and PCB design tool

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PSpice simulation tools

OrCAD 16.6 3D ECAD-MCAD collaboration

OrCAD Capture and PCB SI integration

OrCAD 16.6 advanced simulation

OrCAD 16.6 power aware design

OrCAD open platform and unlimited integration

OrCAD 16.6 multi-core processing

Cadence SPB/OrCAD 16.60 hotfix

Cadence Allegro and OrCAD update

OrCAD Library Builder 16.6

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  • It supports a wide range of applications and industries, such as aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, industrial automation, medical devices, telecommunications, and more.

  • It has a user-friendly interface and intuitive workflows that make it easy to learn and use.

  • It has a scalable and flexible architecture that allows you to expand your capabilities and functionalities as your needs grow.

  • It has a high-performance and reliable engine that delivers accurate and fast results.

  • It has a large and active user community that provides support, feedback, and resources.

How to get OrCAD 16.2 full version?

If you are interested in using OrCAD 16.2 full version, you have several options to get it. You can buy it from the official Cadence website or from authorized resellers. You can also download a free trial version from the Cadence website or from other online sources. The free trial version allows you to use OrCAD 16.2 full version for 30 days with some limitations. Alternatively, you can download a free viewer from the Cadence website or from other online sources. The free viewer allows you to share and access a read-only version of your design data with your team for review and tracking progress of your design.


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