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Ishaara - Call Of Love Bengali Movie Download 3gp

Arya and Shanti arrange for passports and tickets to help Ajay and Geetha flee to America, but Arya demands one friendly day with them, during which Geetha grows closer to Arya. Ajay changes their destination to Australia in order to prevent Arya from stopping them and Geetha looks down on Ajay for betraying Arya. Before they leave, Ajay spots Raji Reddy. Geetha informs Ajay that she called her father, as she wanted to discuss their love matter with him, rather than let Arya take the fall for everything. Raji Reddy arrives and starts thrashing Ajay. Arya threatens to kill Geetha, but Raji Reddy tells Arya to kill her, as Arya cannot kill her. Raji Reddy attempts to stab Ajay. However, Arya covers him, gets stabbed, and is hospitalized. Ajay has a change of heart seeing Arya ready to sacrifice even his own life for his friendship. In the hospital, Arya asks Ajay to press a button in the hospital equipment which causes him to suffocate as the oxygen supply stops. Arya is saved on time, but Ajay, who pressed the button without any ill-intentions, is slapped by Geetha. Arya secretly apologizes to Ajay, who then leaves with a smile, realizing Geetha and Arya's love.

Ishaara - Call Of Love Bengali Movie Download 3gp


Oneindia gave a review stating "For those who go to watch Allu Arjun film with some expectations, the film would be a true feast. What all one could expect from Allu Arjun"s film could be available in this movie. With the excellent dances and melodious audio, the film would surely be a big hit. The film had all kinds of masala that are needed for a commercial formula film and it would definitely ring the box office and would remain another milestone in Allu Arjun"s career."[5] IndiaGlitz gave a review stating "Arya-2, though not in any way a second edition of that mature predecessor, is nevertheless both interesting and sympathetic. Its greatest asset is the riveting second half. Its biggest drawback is the slowness Arjun's character takes to grow on us. If its intelligence and humour in the second half make it enjoyable, the drabness, tacky comedy and excruciating scenes make it unwatchable in the first half. Thankfully, everything is undone by the second 80 minutes, which you will want to watch again and again" and called it an "Entertaining, on again, off again" film.[6] gave a review stating "The film redefines the word 'Style'! Allu Arjun is back with a totally new look and style. The entire story is woven around Arya's character. The film has its share of brilliance, especially the scenes between Brahmanandam and his team, conversations between Allu Arjun and Navdeep and the entire episode involving Ajay. Arya-2 is the kind of film in which you will either dazzle you or bore you to death, there's no middle way. Either way, we end up hallucinating under its influence!" and rated the film 3/5 terming that it "Redefines Style".[7] gave a review stating "As for visuals, Arya 2 is undoubtedly a slickly made production. The overall design is as colourful and as cheerful as the promos have led you to believe, with the title song being one of the smartest portions of the film. For an audience starved of merry-making at the movies, this one could quite be the party whose invitation won't be chucked away so soon" and rated the film 6.5/10.[8]


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